Petrova N. M.
Realization of the synergetic approach in the context of innovations in education

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Directions and conditions for the implementation of multicultural education at secondary schools

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The philosophical and cultural context of the problem of interaction between a human and nature in the content of modern environmetal education

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Formation and development of labour training in crafts and handwork at secondary school in ukraine (the second half of the 20th century)

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Social factors of general teacher training at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries

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The establishment of secular pedagogical education at Lviv University over the last three decades of the XIX century

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Specific characteristics of implementing the combined method of teaching foreign languages in Western Ukraine and in Russia (1918–1939)

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Pedagogical conditions of forming the future clothes designers’ professional competency

Петров А. О.
Improving the preparation of future physical training teachers to use health preservation techniques

Соцький К. О.
Structure of readiness of medical college students for professional self-development

Калашнік Н. В.
Criteria, indices and levels of future doctors` (foreigners`) cross-cultural communicative competency formation

Мерва Л. С.
Primary school teachers’ readiness to work with gifted pupils

Олексюк Н. С.
The value of social interaction of a family and school in the process of socialization of a child

Кравець В. П., Терещук Г. В.
Students’ youth training for solution of conflicts in a family

Іванюк І. В.
Interactive technologies as the factor of effectiveness of preventive work with students prone to deviant behaviour: theoretical aspect

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Use of linguistic and cultural approach in teaching modern greek at secondary schools of Ukraine

Задорожна І. П.
The assessment of the results of future teachers’ self-study work on acquiring communicative competence in foreign languages

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Linguo-didactic model of integrated teaching of english speech presentation of technical equipment to future power engineers

Бреславець Н. О.
The use of critical thinking technique studying a foreign language at a higher educational institution

Світлична О. Р.
Methodology of developing skills in two way consecutive discourse interpreting in financial and banking sphere

Гудима Ю. П.
Сontemporary state of teaching the english language teacher trainees strategic competence in the interaction

Терещук В. Г.
Experimental verification of methodology of teaching english vocabulary to students specializing in vital activity safety

Максименко Л. О.
The selection problems of audiotexts for teaching future managers profession oriented dialogical speech

Терещук Д. Г.
Formation of english linguosociocultural competency of a student majoring in philology-related speciality: theory and practice

Романюк О. С.
General characteristics of the exercises on the acquisition of the knowledge of the linguistic material selected from the authentic works of art

Монько Р. М.
Training of engineering and information science teachers at the faculties of information and technical education in Poland

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Technical and information education traced by parents of gymnasium pupils in Poland

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Methodological principles of alternative education in modern pedagogical science of Poland

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U.S. foreign languages education: multicultural principles

Закордонець Н. І.
Postgraduate education functioning patterns of tourism sphere specialists in Switzerland

Ігнатенко Н. В.
Особливості інтерактивного навчання історії у вищому навчальному закладі
Peculiarities of interactive history teaching at higher educational institutions y

Дацків О. П.
The structure and content of the teacher trainee portfolio for future foreign language teachers

Вашків Л. П., Вашків О. П.
Case method as a means to intensify the educational process of intending economists

Хоменко В. Г.
Psychological and pedagogical fundamentals of working out a system of dual content of future engineers andteachers’ professional training

Козіброда С. В.
Application of computer systems ontology in the process of future engineer and educator’s practical activity

Шеремет І. В.
Physical training teacher’s preparedness to innovative activity as a pedagogical problem

Клименко А. О.
Information search systems and internet threats in higher educational institution teacher’s professional activity

Карелова Г. А.
Cultivation of optimistic attitude towards life of a personality as a psychological and pedagogical problem

Бойко М. М.
Problems of contemporary school leavers’ professional self-determination: results of diagnostic study