Vasylenko О. М.
The problem of social responsibility in Ukrainian pedagogy (the middle of the XIX – the beginning of XX century)

Strazhnikova I. V.
The studing of historical and pedagogical aspects of physical education in the western region of Ukraine by native scientists at the end of ХХ – the beginning of ХХІ of centuries

Vynnychuk O. T.
Types of educational work with students in Kremenets College (1805–1833)

Potapiuk L. М.
The activity of the women’s communities in Ukraine as a source of security of gender parity (the second half of the 19th – the first third of the 20th century)

Voitovska O. M.
Distance learning in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education

Kobernik S. G.
Organization of self study cognitive learning of students on the methodology of teaching geography in the context of higher education development in Ukraine

Galamandjuk L. L.
The concept of development of preventive motor activity of preschool children during physical education

Zharkova I. I.
Formation of the nature study competence of junior schoolchildren by means of project-based technology

Prozar M. V.
Adaptation of the first form pupils to educational activity in primary school

Kovtonyuk M. M.
The concept of fundamentalization of general educational training of the future teacher of mathematics

Vodyana V. O.
Educational technology «Cultural-artistic programs»: algorithm implementation of structural components

Kovalenko D. V.
Vocational legal competence of a future teacher-engineer as the result of the introduction of the specialist vocational legal training system

Yaroshchuk I. D.
The essence of the communicative culture of an economist

Vovk O. I.
Development of foreign language stylistic competence of future philologists: grammatical aspect

Kyrykylytsia V. V.
Foreign language knowledge and skills formation by the students of non-linguistic specialities in the process of working with dictionaries

Rusalkina L. H.
Structural elements of the process of business English skills formation in future doctors

Hrydzhuk O. E.
The study of the structural and derivational features of the terms of wood technology in the course «The professional terminology»

Palienko A. M., Semenova M. H.
System of exercises for acquiring foreign language media competence by future journalists

Mykytenko N. O.
Qualitative indicators of efficiency of technologies developing ESP competence in students majoring in sciences

Oliynyk I. D., Hanlet N.
Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Shulha I. M.
The influence of teacher’s gender attitudes on forming of valeological culture of junior pupils

Parfanovich I. I.
The differentiation of the characteristic of the girls’ psychological and pedagogical peculiarities according to the degree of their social and pedagogical neglect

Severynchuk L. A.
The formation of the culture of family relations as a priority direction of family upbringing in the contemporary sociocultural space

Belova V. V.
Models of school-based management in England

Yankovych I. I.
Periodization of development of future teachers’ training in pedagogical higher educational institutions of Poland to educational work with pupils (1945–2012)

Kharchenko T. G.
The development of post-diploma pedagogical education in France in the second part of the twentieth century

Nazarevych L. T.
Implementation of eidetic memory methods during teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language

Patsiuk V. S.
Conceptual bases of training of tourism specialists in Ukraine (by the example of Kryvyi Rih)

Daszykowska A.
Creativity – prerequisite for the development and quality of human life

Yaremenko L. A.
Implementation of functions of leisure organization and formation of individual’s creative abilities in nonformal education

Kokor M. M.
Challenges for teachers of English for specific purposes in higher education

Batrak T. V.
Aesthetic education of students by means of foreign art culture as interdisciplinary problem

Sheremet I. V.
Physical training in social sphere of student youth