Matsko V.
Tendencies of development of immigration schooling in the XX century

Skiba M.
The training model of future biology teachers to ecological and educational activity

Belkina S.
Forming of research competence of future engineers during teaching educational disciplines of natural-science training cycle

Liashenko U.
Future ship engineers’ training by means of professionally oriented disciplines

Nyshchak I.
The designing of electronic teaching-methods complex «Graphics» for realization of computer-based learning of engineering-graphic disciplines

Baranovska V.
The use of computer-oriented teaching methods in the training of future primary school teachers

Skyba K.
Professional training of translators in the us education system

Siranchuk N.
The formation of junior students’ lexical competence by means of word-formation

Parshykova O.
Features of the first stage of foreign language teaching to primary comprehensive school pupils

Bronetko I.
The formation of English lingvosociocultural competence of the senior pupils at schools

Zaitseva I., Pysanko M.
The model of teaching future philologists discussion in English based on problematic situations

Levchyk N.
Forming English listening competence of first-year students – the future teachers of English

Diduk-Stupyak H.
Formation of cross-cultural competence of foreign students in the process of learning Ukrainian as a foreign language

Kutsa O.
The experience of consecutive interpreting and interpreters’ note-taking technique teaching

Hupka-Makohin N.
Theoretical preconditions of foreign listening comprehension competence forming of future specialists in the field of international economics

Hrydzhuk O.
The formation of language and communicative competence of students based on study of the professional terminology of forestry and wood technology

Chernetska Yu.
The resocialization of drug-dependent people in rehabilitation centers: social and pedagogical aspects

Surgova S.
Target-motivational component of readiness of future social workers for revention activities: results of diagnostic studies

Ponomarenko N.
The forms of educational experts training in German-speaking countries of the European Union

Horpinich T.
Development of creative skills of medical students in the universities in Great Britain and the USA

Zadorozhna I.
Using the us experience of online and hybrid education in Ukrainian universities

Cwer A.-M.
The education of youth in the cadet corps in the Second Polish Republic (1918–1939)

Musiyovska O.
Course content Development for blended learning of Foreign language for specific purposes

Homenujuk H.
Formation of motivational-value component of mathematical competence of secondary school pupils in the process of teaching algebra