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Formation and organizational activity of «Pedagogical Society of Carpathian Ruthenia»

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The model of mediation competence formation system in future lawyers

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Formation of emotional intelligence as a prerequisite for successful activity of future teachers: theoretical aspect

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Indicators and diagnostics of independent work culture formation in future mathematics teachers

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Training of future professionals to implementation of informal art education in educational and social institutions

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The competence of multisubject interaction as the main precondition in the formation of future Humanities teacher readiness for professional activity in polysubject educational surrounding

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Memory operation and attention concentration features of building professionally oriented foreign language communicative strategies in perspective programmers

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The aims and tasks of the formation of foreign language communication competence of the primary comprehensive school pupils on the adaptive stage of teaching a foreign language

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Developing intercultural communication competence through intercultural communication

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General characteristics of the exercises on the formation of the speech skills of the linguistic phenomena usage selected from authentic art works

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Regularities of English lexical competence formation in virtual learning environment

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Organization of teaching future philologists discussion in English based on problematic situations

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Listening comprehension as a foreign language skill

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Correcting work method in the study of Russian language case system by foreign Turkic-speaking engineering students

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Context-integration method in the formation of professional foreign language communication skills in future wine-makers

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Common mistakes in the conduct of word building analysis

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Methodological peculiarities of teaching future economists to read English texts related to professional area

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The development of services in the field of social work with large families

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Preparation of orphans to independent living in the family educational environment

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Verbal aggression of teenagers as an object of social-pedagogical prevention

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Pedagogical conditions of students’ individual work efficiency during study research

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The development of national linguistic personality through humanities

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Experimental verification of the effectiveness of future specialists’ training in physical rehabilitation for social adaptation of pupils with cerebral palsy

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Methods of economic subjects integrated teaching by means of the English language

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Factors of influence onto students professional self-determination