Kulyk E. Conceptual changes in the professional and technological education content

Lavrentieva O. Development of future teachers’ methodological culture in the system of professional education

Tsina A. The conceptual background bases of the projection of innovative educational technologies

Pilevich O. Comparative analysis of the component composition of professional culture of future specialists

Tkachuk G. Theoretical aspects of readiness of teachers in vocational schools to implement student-centered approach

Uruskyi A. Model of methodology of individual approach to training high-school students of technological specialty

Vovk N., Zhukova M. Application of empowerment pedagogy in project activity of pupils at lessons of labor training

Boyko V. Educational program of the specialization «technical and computer graphics» in education area «technology» Galambosh G. Education of patriotically oriented young generation by means of Ukrainian handicrafts

Galambosh G. Education of patriotically oriented young generation by means of Ukrainian handicrafts

Torubara A., Kleyno E. The specific use of personal computers in the study process in out-of-school educational institutions

Kabak V. Modelling of the process of training of the future engineers-teachers by the means of computer technologies

Gorbatyuk R., Romanyshyna L. Experimental model of distance education future experts in higher educational institutions

Sokolyuk О. Health-formation of competence university professors means information and communication technologies

Bondarenko T., Аgeeva О. Cloud technologies of monitoring of the quality of training of workers of railway profile

Borysov V. Training teachers of technology in the context of formation of European educational space

Sopiha V. Technological and pedagogical practices as a component of preparing the teachers of technologies in the second half of 1950-s

Kotyk I. Structural and content model of the process of professional training of future handcrafts teachers

Nyshchak I. Structural-functional model of methodical system teaching engineering-graphic disciplines of future teachers of technology

Hevko I. Ethnic aesthetic approach is near preparation of future teachers of technologies in sphere of design

Savenko I. Theoretical content foundation of preparing teachers of labor training to teaching basis of design

Bozhko L. Professional training of the future technology and technical drawing teachers based on the competency approach

Tereshchuk G., Turanov J., Ponyatyshyn V. Institutional and pedagogical conditions for training of teachers labour training and technologies for power tools

Lykholat O. “Ecologization” of the course “the techniques for household activities” in the framework of educational program for the teacher of technology

Kulinka Yu. Formation of design culture of future teachers in the process of studying corporate identity

Mamus H. Activization of educational-cognitive activities of students in classes of designing and production of goods

Kozak Yu. Graphic competence as a component of training future engineering teachers of computer profile

Panasiuk N. Analysis of educational quality management system training future engineers and teachers

Volkova N. Competence-based approach in training future engineering teacher in food industry

Bokhonko E. Peculiarities of training future engineers-teachers in road transport industry to the modeling of technological processes

Tkachuk S. Pedagogical aspects of training of the future engineers and teachers of food technology in higher educational establishments

Dubinetskiy W. Evaluation of technical colleges teachers’ management culture
Savchenko L. Use of productive technologies in higher pedagogical school as means of boosting the professional training of future specialists

Kulalaieva N. Developing of a creative approach to the professional activity of
future builders

Voytovych O. Interactive methodical system of training production technologies basics for future environmentalists

Syveryn Yu. Experimental verification of professional competence formation of future experts in the field of communication in different levels of education

Shamraliuk O. Pedagogical conditions of development of a technological culture of masters of production training of agrarian type

Mozaliov V. Criteria for quality monitoring of professional military training of masters of military management in higher military educational institutions

Dobrovolska A. About the features of conclusion of manuals for teaching of future doctors and pharmacists of the disciplines of naturally scientific preparation

Savchenko K. Formation of communicative competence as method of forming professionalism of future tutors of preschool institutions

Marko M. Formation of gaming competence of future teachers in the course of vocational training

Bekirova A. Methodology of substantation of contents and structure of the primary school teachers’ professional autonomy

Dovgan N. Psycho-pedagogical adaptation of first-year students to physical education classes in higher educational institutions

Orshanskiy L., Pahuta M. Тhe problem in content design of technological education

Vievska M. Technology of formation of the valued relation to students’ social responsibility of high school of economics

Soroka T., Struhanets B. Actualization of possibilities of out-of-school education in socialization of teenager

Raikovska H. Individualization of self-training of students under the terms of transmission to European education system

Titarenko V. Development of design education in establishments of high society in Ukraine

Pavkh S., Pavkh I. Workbook as a means of activation of students’ independent work

Kyzmenko V., Prymakova V. Training teachers for development of pupils’ scientific world view by means of labor training

Bochar Ju. Preparation of specialists in the industry of computer-graphic design abroad

Zhorova I., Anosova Y. The technical education development in Europe