Петрова Н. М.
Teacher’s innovative activity as a key category of pedagogical innovation

Здіховський А. М.
Health protection technologies in the context of training of future primary school teachers to work in a health camp

Краєвська О. Д.
Peculiarities of experimental verification of the intending managers-agrarians’ communicative competence formation technique

Кобзар В. М.
The research of effectiveness of the pedagogical conditions of the formation of future technologists’ readiness for an innovational activity at colleges of agricultural profile

Колесниченко Н. Ю.
The concept of modernization of professional training of bachelors of Romance-Germanic Philology based on competence approach

Ларіна Т. В.
Comparative aspects of study results of electrotechnicians’ professional training in Germany and Ukraine

Петрович О. Б.
Information and communication technology in organization of extracurricular work with gifted students in the system of the literary education

Гунько Н. А
Modern informational and educational environment as a factor of improvement of future university teacher’s professional training

Семеряк І. З.
The content of experimental teaching of future programmers in forming foreign language communication skills within comfortable learning environment

Благун Н. М.
The effectiveness criteria of social and functional management of secondary schools

Закордонець Н. І.
Management system of educational establishments in the sphere of tourism and hospitality in Switzerland

Малихін А. О.
Essence and principles of the praxeological approach for methodical preparation of a future teacher of technology

Уруський А. В.
Internal differentiation as a means of implementation of individual approach to teaching high school students on a technological profile

Палецька-Юкало А. В.
Using authentic literary works for the formation of lexical competence of future German language teachers

Нацюк М. Б.
Methodology of development of linguosociocultural competence of the future English language teachers in the process of reading fiction

Орлова О. П.
Practice of forming culture of dialogic speech of non-philological students

Калашнік Н. В.
The structure of intercultural communicative competence of foreign students future medical specialists

Потюк І. Є.
The process of forming of English-language lexical competence of future specialists in tourism based on learning strategies

Купчик Л. Є.
Linguodidactic basis of the formation of foreign language competence of the schoolchildren in the conditions of multilinguism (on the example of German speaking countries)

Андрущенко А. О.
Types of pedagogic information for the development of skills related to the use of French past tense verb forms

Морська Л. І.
Interference processes in teaching English and German grammars to future philologists

Лабінська О. М., Староста В. І.
Environmental component of the content of general chemistry at a secondary school in Slovak Republic

Мушинські А.
Requirements of modern labour-market to specialists’ professional and personality qualities in the context of their continuous education in Poland

Сопівник Р. В., Сопівник І. В.
Foreign experience in upbringing moral responsibility of rural youth

Герганов Л. Д.
Problems of seafarers’ professional training in terms of Ukraine’s integration into the European educational space

Виговська С. В., Пабат В. В.
Theoretical and methodological approaches to interpretation of the concept «Intensification of students` study and cognitive activity»: historical and pedagogical aspect

Лупаренко С. Є.
Childhood issue in the national scientific thought (1900–1918)

Лоза Т. В.
Implementation of forms and methods of training for individual life of the students of the family type orphanages into activity of social services centres for children, youth and family