Буяк Б. Б.
Globalization challenges to modern university education

Юхно О. І.
The organization of educational process at polytechnic institutes of Ukraine (1950s – 1980s)

Винничук О. Т.
Physical culture in educational practice of Bukovyna in the late 19th – early 20th centuries

Наход С. А.
Cooperation as the basic category of the interactive study

Смолінська О. Є.
Concept of cultural and educational space in modern pedagogical science

Топорівська Я. В.
Technology of the intending music teachers’ training for the use of computer technologies: the experiment organization and results

Тинкалюк О. В.
Conceptual approaches of readiness formation of the future specialists of economics to professional foreign language communication

Цідило І. М.
Educational projects as a means of knowledge application in practical activity of future engineers-pedagogues

Тур О. М.
Professional communicative competence of the future document control specialists: content and structure

Опалюк Т. Л.
Students’ adaptive learning and its structure

Матвійчина С. В.
Motivational direction of college students’ personality self-development in the process of studying natural sciences on the basis of the competential approach

Бак В. Ф., Степанюк А. В.
Methods of formation of pupils’ bioethical knowledge in the process of studying biology

Жирська Г. Я.
Formation of students’ value attitude to nature as a component of ecological culture

Зіядінова Р. І., Каленська В. П.
Formation of elementary school pupils’ orthographic competence in the conditions of russian and ukrainian bilingualism

Дідук-Ступ’як Г. І.
Discourse and textology, pragmatic and communicative aspects of linguomethodical innovative macrotechnology «interaction of different types of approaches to the study of the ukrainian language» at a secondary school

Глушко Т. В.
Modelling of the process of teaching reading English language periodicals

Боднар С. В.
Self-educational competency developing of students majoring in economics and business while foreign language learning

Миськів В. А.
Diagnosing the formation level of grammar competence in studying English after german

Світлична О. Р.
Modern approach to defining interpreter’s competence in consecutive translation

Василюк А. В.
Implementation of the Polish experience into the practice of reformation of the Ukrainian educational system

Мушинські А.
Interference processes in teaching English and German grammars to future philologists

Пальчевський С. С.
The problem of psychological and pedagogical tools for the formation of a creative individual

Примина Н. Н.
Psychological peculiarities of teaching future navigators reading English authentic sailing directions

Шеремет І. В.
Healthy lifestyle formation as a component of physical education and sports