Orshanskiy L., Pahuta M.

The article deals with technological education in post-industrial society as a personal training for its own cultural and technological development and qualitative transformation of the environment. We consider the philosophical and pedagogical context of such concepts as «subject of cultural and technological activity», «transforming activity», «technological culture», «design», «technology», «man-made environment». The basic structural elements of the technological content of education and the links between them have been defined. Principles that lay the methodological foundations of theoretical construct of technological content of education have been revealed. The article has proposed structural and content education scheme of educational and professional training programs for teachers of labour training and technology and this scheme provides logical sequence and interconnection of a number of subjects (general technology, system technology, the foundation of the project, design of engineering systems, etc).
Keywords: technology, technological education, transforming activity, content, teacher of labour training and technology.

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