Tsina A.

The article deals with the ways of using new pedagogical ideas, technologies that are more effective for modern educational branches. The ways of innovative renovation of educational activity has been analyzed. The process of projection of new pedagogical technologies is substantiated at all levels of the educational system of the country, a certain educational sector, an individual discipline, an educational region, an educational institution, teachers’ association or the individual teachers (author technologies). Basic components of pedagogical innovations are considered from the point of the modern updates of the content of educational sectors and focus on the conditions of realization the active, competence and personality-oriented approaches in education. The author highlights that the purpose of planning and introduction of innovative educational technologies is their justification of the level of conceptual bases of development of individuality of students to the level of use of existing educational technologies within this conceptual framework, that is at the level of the formal description of the educational process.
Keywords: education, innovation, educational technologies, and conceptual approaches.

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