Zhorova I., Anosova Y.

The history of the European technical education development is studied in the article. It deals with such countries as Britain, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Russia. Each of the countries has its own system of education and training. Education sector has been created under the influence of historical events, national circumstances and other factors, but there is a mutual influence of neighboring countries, which certainly is one of the driving forces of the education development. The study provides an opportunity to find common and distinctive features of the educational sector in Europe. Ukraine’s integration into the global economy requires knowledge of domestic and international experience in training the workforce in order to choose the most effective way to develop the education system. One of these ways is to continue implementing the common European educational police which is impossible without studying the historical aspect of the problem.
Keywords: technical education, historical analysis, the development of the education, Europe.

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