Василенко Н. В.
Modern approaches in the concept of inclusive education in Ukraine: regulatory and legal support

Писарчук О. Т.
Peculiarities of formation of objective and developmental environment of a preschool

Данюк М. І., Бак В. Ф.
History of the development of the problem of teaching and moral upbringing unity

Войтович І. С.
Motivation of future teachers’ study in their training for professional activity

Бєгунова Ю. В.
Experimental model of future history teachers’ training for ethnocultural activity in Southern Ukraine

Баранюк В. В.
Analysis of modern approaches to formation of professional and communicative competence of future specialists in social work

Маладика Л. В.
Business games in professional training of future fire safety specialists

Бєляєва Н. В.
The pedagogical conditions of training professional and ethical qualities in future educational managers

Немлій Л. С.
The experimental research of the techonology of future atco-trainers’ pedagogy competence formation

Цепкало О. В.
Criteria of texts selection for teaching students of technical specialties professionally oriented communication

Литвиненко І. Ю.
Peculiarities of methods of teaching English reading to students of technical specialties on integration principles

Ленюк Н. М.
Essential features of methodological support for the formation of competence in german in students of technical specialties

Жовтюк Н. П.
Subsytem of exercises for the formation of future teachers’ lexical competence in teaching English after german

Штохман Л. М.
Conducting feedback on exercises and tasks at foreign language classes

Джуринский П. Б.
Features of methods of future physical culture teachers’ training for physical education of high school students

Куца О. І.
Experience in professional simultaneous interpreters’ training in modern multicultural nvironment of a university

Колесник Н. Є.
The problem of continuity of training of future educators and teachers of elementary school on organization of artistic and aesthetic activity of children

Міркович І. Л.
Integrated teaching of foreign languages as a pedagogical problem